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Warzone Changelog:
- [#13] Added 5 sec respawn cooldown and instant kill on void
- [#833] You can now switch team with /team if other team has less players
- [#846] Inventory not close anymore when clicking on kits/perks stuff
- New team selection menu
- Fixed a bug that made teams unbalanced
- Fixed a bug where spectators was able to pickup items

TNTWars Changelog:
- [#13] Added 5 sec respawn cooldown and insta...
2 months ago

Hi Everyone, 

Join my discord at to stay up to date with my projects and more

I will also try to run minecraft events each Saturday with $30 USD winner reward and maybe some times giveaways!
4 months ago

Hello fellow Cubers! 

First of all, thanks to everyone that has applied for staff! It is so nice to see that many of you want to help, means a lot! we have promoted 2 (!) new players to trial-mod! Welcome them to the CubedCraft staff team, their names are PondWader and IDuckz_!

We do not know when we are going to open applications again, but will let you guys know when it's open! In the meantime, enjoy playing on our server!

Remember you can still help us by helping players and reporting rulebreakers!
Much love, CubedCraft staff team
4 months ago

Hi Everyone
There have been alot of technical changes over the last few days and alot more to come so please report any problems

- Updated 11 Plugins
- Fixed PlayerServers Domains
- New friends system

Updated Plugins:
- CitizensCMD
- LibsDisguises
- Shopkeepers
- ActionAnnouncer
- DeluxeCommands
- CustomImages
- MinePacks
- WildStacker
- MVdWPlaceholderAPI
- Wilderness-TP
- AdvancedAchievements
5 months ago

- 2 New plugins for PlayerServers
- Updated 80 Plugins for PlayerServers
- Updated website profile page
- Updated website voting page

New Plugins:
- CustomImages
- VoidGenerator

Updated Plugins:
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- Shopkeepers
- Citizens
- SilkSpawners
- HolographicDisplays
- CoreProtect
- LibsDisguises
- UltraCosmetics
- PlayerParticles
- CustomHeads
- OldCombatMechanics
- CraftingStore
- ChestShop
- FeatherBoard
- AnimatedNames
5 months ago