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Hi Everyone,
Updated list of plugins to playerServers and a new plugin 

New Plugin added: PhysicsToGo

Updated Plugins for all versions:
- FeatherBoard
- BetterRTP
- Spartan
- CustomOreGen
- KitPvP
- Jobs
- DupeFixes

Updated Plugins for 1.12 and 1,14
- BetterSleeping

Updated Plugins for 1.14 Only
- LibsDisguises
- PvPManager
- BeautyQuests
- GadgetsMenu
- ChatFeelings
- AutoSell

Remember to vote on your favorite s...
12 days ago

Hi Everyone,
Today i have a another new update for server managers now you can limit the permissions to managers and almost everything is being logged

- Managers section is moved to a own page
- You can now limit the permisisons to managers (All existing managers have full access like)
- Added webmanager logging, you can now see what you and your managers do
- Updated 32 plugins

Updated Plugins (32 Plugins):
- EpicEnchants
- EpicFarming
- EpicHoppers
- EpicSpawners
- FabledSkyblock
- UltimateKits
- AdvancedAchievements
20 days ago

- Royal and God donators can now create more servers! Royal can have 2 servers and God can have 3 Servers, Noble may get in future
- Rename command is changed to /rename {old name} {new name}
- Top voted servers displayed in lobby!

Note: Because of the multi server support we have needed to reset the invited server managers, You will need to re-invite the players you want to have access to your server webmanager
This is a major change on our backend systems so please report any problems 
25 days ago

From next month we will start to reward top voted playerservers! Prepare your server!

Winner prize:
#1. $15 USD and 2 PS Boosters!
#2. 2 PS Boosters
#3. 1 PS Boosters

Vote on your favorite server at
27 days ago

- You can now buy PlayerServers booster with points! From the lobby point shop then use it on your favorite server with /psboost

- You earn 20 points per vote now when you voting on CubedCraft <https: />
- Fixed the missing villager for the point shop
- Fixed the parkour to the staff tower

Note: From next month we will start to reward top 3 voters monthly with a playerserver booster!
about 1 month ago