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Hi everyone
Over the last 7 days we have did alot of changes to the network and we plan to do alot more in the future!
here you see a changelog over what we have did the last 7 days

- You can now buy single playerservers boosters from our store then use "/psboost" on the server you want to boost!
- Fixed server icon and bypass ask shutdown for those servers who have 3 boosters or more
- Updated boosting page on webmanager
- Added /resetserver command, This will reset all your server files but will keep boosters, votes, website data, server version etc
- Changed text in dark mode to be white on webmanager<br... />
7 days ago

Here you have a list of New Plugins and Updated Plugins for playerservers

New Plugins:
- MinePacks
- Wilderness-TP
- CombatLogX
- UltimateClaims
- UltimateFishing
- EpicEnchants
- EpicAnchors
- VentureChat
- BetterSleeping

Plugins updated for 1.8 and 1.12 and 1.14
- EditableSign
- ChatColor
- AuctionHouse
- skRayFall
- SuperTrails
- UltimateKits
- UltimateStacker
- UltimateTimber
- UltimateRepairing
- UltimateModeration
- UltimateCatcher<b... />
17 days ago

Here we have a new playerservers update!
Updated Plugins for 1.14:
- Skript
- skRayFall

Removed Plugin:
- SkRambled

- Added Account Settings in User dropdown on navbar
- Added Dark Mode, Can be enabled in Account Settings
- You can now upload PNG Files in file manager
- Added knowledgebase You're welcome to help to add more tutorials use the forum for it and if we find it usefull we will add it into knowledgebase
about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for you that bring in new features and updates aswell some other announcements that have not been posted on the website here

We also have 25% off on ranks on our store! Check out

PlayerServers Update

- 1.14 is now default server version when creating new servers
- 1.13 Version is removed, All 1.13 servers are upgraded to 1.14
- PlayerServers now have api, Check out webmanager -> Settings
- Ingame management for all new servers /control

about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for you that bring in new features and updates

PlayerServers Update

- You can now execute commands from the lobby to your server using "/pscommand {command}" - useful if you need to do something fast
- Servers can now automatically execute commands when someone has voted on your server; add commands in the Settings section
- Added {date} and {time} placeholders to boosting commands as well as the new voting commands
- Added another player server node, new servers will be created on this node
- All votes are now reseted, Will be reset each month
- Server Page section is readded (example
2 months ago