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Hi Everyone,
Today i have updated 20 plugins and over the weekend did multiple changes that you see below

- New plugin system, We have complety changed how plugins being loaded when a server start and stop, As this is a major change please report any issues with it, This change will even keep your plugins up to date with our latest updated versions aswell if you switch server version it will automaticly retrive correct plugin versions depending on your server version
- Top 3 voted and boosted servers are now displayed in lobby
- The lobby server list now using signs as default instead of heads (This is because heads are to laggy and causing to much p...
20 days ago

Hi Everyone,
Updated list of plugins to playerServers and a new plugin 

New Plugin added: PhysicsToGo

Updated Plugins for all versions:
- FeatherBoard
- BetterRTP
- Spartan
- CustomOreGen
- KitPvP
- Jobs
- DupeFixes

Updated Plugins for 1.12 and 1,14
- BetterSleeping

Updated Plugins for 1.14 Only
- LibsDisguises
- PvPManager
- BeautyQuests
- GadgetsMenu
- ChatFeelings
- AutoSell

Remember to vote on your favorite s...
about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone,
Today i have a another new update for server managers now you can limit the permissions to managers and almost everything is being logged

- Managers section is moved to a own page
- You can now limit the permisisons to managers (All existing managers have full access like)
- Added webmanager logging, you can now see what you and your managers do
- Updated 32 plugins

Updated Plugins (32 Plugins):
- EpicEnchants
- EpicFarming
- EpicHoppers
- EpicSpawners
- FabledSkyblock
- UltimateKits
- AdvancedAchievements
about 1 month ago

- Royal and God donators can now create more servers! Royal can have 2 servers and God can have 3 Servers, Noble may get in future
- Rename command is changed to /rename {old name} {new name}
- Top voted servers displayed in lobby!

Note: Because of the multi server support we have needed to reset the invited server managers, You will need to re-invite the players you want to have access to your server webmanager
This is a major change on our backend systems so please report any problems 
about 1 month ago

From next month we will start to reward top voted playerservers! Prepare your server!

Winner prize:
#1. $15 USD and 2 PS Boosters!
#2. 2 PS Boosters
#3. 1 PS Boosters

Vote on your favorite server at
about 1 month ago