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IGN: Partydragen
by Partydragen » about 1 year ago
Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for you that bring in new features and updates

PlayerServers Update

- You can now execute commands from the lobby to your server using "/pscommand {command}" - useful if you need to do something fast
- Servers can now automatically execute commands when someone has voted on your server; add commands in the Settings section
- Added {date} and {time} placeholders to boosting commands as well as the new voting commands
- Added another player server node, new servers will be created on this node
- All votes are now reseted, Will be reset each month
- Server Page section is readded (example
- VIP Donators can now change the server displayicon for ingame server list

Updated plugins
- CrazyCrates
- LuckPermsGUI
- Spartan
- DeluxeMenus
- Featherboard
- MobHunting
- DupeFixes
- Enjin

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IGN: StaffTeaP
by StaffTeaP » about 1 year ago
Epic Update!
Hope it goes out like planned

Contact me on discord if you need a staff member! 
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