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IGN: MissChikoo
by MissChikoo » 2 months ago
It is time for the annual Warzone tournament!

We are happy to announce that there will be a Warzone tournament this year as well! Like always, there will be teams of four, one team leader and three team members!

If you do not have a team or am missing a team member please sign up either way, with your discord username, so we can contact you and find a team or teammate for you! 

When is the tournament?
The tournament starts at 6:00 PM/18:00 CEST on June 20. 

How to sign up?
You can sign up by clicking here. This will direct you to a submission page where you must give the required information. It will not take longer than 3 minutes.

NOTE: the sign-up closes 5 hours before the tournament starts, this means it closes 1:00 PM/13:00 CEST.

What kits/perks will be used in the tournament?
All kits and perks will be unlocked so players can choose their preferred playstyle. 

First place:
  • $60 split between the winner team players
  • Two Warzone boosters each
  • The prefix “Champion” until the next annual Warzone tournament
Second place:
  • One Warzone booster each 
  • One TNTWars booster each 

Why do we need a team leader?
Every team needs a team leader who are able to join a voice channel one hour before the tournament takes place to get important information about how the tournament will unfold.

Rules for the 2020 Warzone tournament:
  • Fair play! Be kind to all participants, your opponents included.
  • Using hacked clients will lead to ban and team disqualification.
  • When other teams are playing: do not tell the opposite team where the other team is on the map.
  • CubedCraft rules still apply.

Any questions regarding the tournament? Message MissChikoo#4780 on discord, send an e-mail to misschikoo@cubedcraft.com or message her in-game.

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Cheers, MissChikoo
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IGN: PardonMySpeech
by PardonMySpeech » 2 months ago
I Wish i can join -_- starting to hate living in GMT+8 Timezone