21 days ago
Hey i was wondering if u could lock at this post ----->https://cubedcraft.com/forum/topic/1565-im-so-sorry/




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thanks for the ban appeal

we really appreciate your honesty and we will happily Unban you from cubed
Your now able to join!
9 days ago

there is no proof that you were legit.
You made up alot of stories.

first you said your mouse were buggy sometimes. and you told MissChikoo that you do butterfly clicking

and you didnt follow the ban appeal format. You will still have your ban
17 days ago

you had her on discord,  you wouldn't have been communicating with her if it wasn't for  Cubed. You said stuff like "sendbobsandveganawhat" which she thought was "send boobs and vagina" she took it a bit personally and blocked you after. And this Killcrock is a good friend of UglyButUrCrush and she didn't care about what he did cause she knew him.  what you did on discord is very dangerous, she could've though you were 18+, such stuff on cubed is not tolerated and we take it very seriously
about 1 month ago
I might be to late, but it can might be a sneak glitch, it isnt to much Evidence of him using hacks
about 1 month ago
Accepted. sorry for the false ban. you are now able to play tntwars again! :) 
about 1 month ago
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