about 1 month ago
Are Applications still open?
about 1 year ago
Hi Darky I just got banned and i have to wait 5 days to play Cubed again. The Reason i was banned is because i used autospam to try to /join my friends ps faster but then it just spammed what is 2+2? so i got banned for 5 days and i prommise to never use hacks again i have not been banned before and i will delete my hacks and i want to be unbanned - AspectCobra
about 1 year ago
Hi DarkyMinecraft, Sorry to bother but I was banned for about 3 days, for more information about this, read my Unban in the forums. Please D:
about 1 year ago
HeHe... darky
about 1 year ago
Hehe, Ninjune is old news. xD?
about 1 year ago
This is what i mean by darky makes me feal useless -.-
about 1 year ago
ok this is no fair i have nothing on my wall and dakry has like a million msges!
about 1 year ago
477 Wins on Warzone.
about 1 year ago
6/10/17: Promoted to full Moderator, future looks bright, cant wait to work with you more!




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You should apply Tom, you would make a great addition.
2 months ago
Creative still exists, join with /server creative
11 months ago

Check out this amazing build team, they built my PS lobby.

Request a build from them if you like!
about 1 year ago
x1.5 Player Slots for 500 points weekly?
about 1 year ago
You were banned for constantly asking for T-Mod on the server as far as i am concerned, And as Mizsi & Akelaz said, we were not going to just give you T-MOD, you have to apply like everyone else.
about 1 year ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 150 77 20.100s
Sand 67 48 30.192s
Hell 126 96 74.784s
Labyrinth 79 51 39.803s
Grassland 86 56 20.914s
Techno 32 27 208.559s
Snow 74 54 27.727s
Ores 73 48 29.229s
Palace 66 45 30.682s
MetalMachine 75 50 30.673s
Candyland 4 1 181.311s
Western 125 97 44.888s
Granite 26 15 20.622s
Tower 22 16 19.535s