8 days ago
can i plz be unbanned
9 days ago
hi can I app for staff
29 days ago
so plz unban me ;-;
29 days ago
Partydragen i was on tangles server and i told tangle the ip to a server we were gonna go on ;-;
about 1 month ago
Im very sorry for the interruption, I cannot join cubedcraft. it keeps saying please disconnect and reconnect to verify you are not a bot.
about 1 month ago
Hello. Could you please check ban appeals section?
about 1 month ago
Hello. I cannot join cubedcraft, it says Cannot connect to server. Is the server down?
about 1 month ago
bro when will cubedcraft be back up
about 1 month ago
i need help i have a server hub and i want to upload that world but i cant seem to do it. Can you help me with this?
3 months ago
hvor lenge til survivial




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We have no reasons to unban you when you have been banned for hacks 5 times..
so why should we trust you this time
2 days ago
Unban appeal accepted
4 days ago
Yea iknow its fixed

it was while i updated the network to the new Core 
7 days ago
Being perm banned 1 place on CubedCraft is ban everywhere... Atleast for you who have a big punishments list
You should even been perm banned from this website...

There is no reason why we should unban you AGAIN
You keep breaking the rules
23 days ago
Okay i give you a new chance, if you hack again you will get banned for MUCH longer..

Unban app: Accepted
about 1 month ago
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Snow 31 3 32.287s
Ores 17 4 34.937s
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MetalMachine 19 3 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
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