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Hello, Welcome to my wall. You will probably find updates and upcoming events for my playerserver here. lol




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Look, I get it. GenPVP servers DO suck, but there honestly isn't much we can do about it.

The only thing that would be considered "helping," would be to, well, not do it.

Also, onehitpvp isnt that much better in my opinion
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Hello, its me WaterFireCraft yet again. You've probably seen me lurking around in CubedCraft, joining random playerservers, and stuff like that. But I've noticed that the CubedCraft playerserver quality has dropped ever since GenPVP was introduced. But instead of yelling at other players for their work, instead, I'm going to show you how to make a GOOD playerserver.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this forum is to teach others how to make a good server in my opinion. If you think GenPVP is fun or skyblock is the best thing ever, make it. You be you.

Now with that out of the way, lets get started.

Step 1: Create your server

This is the easiest part of the thread. Well, all you have to do is do /create. Easy. You may already have a playerserver, but if you really want to keep that one, get a friend to give you theirs or use an ALT's playerserver.

Step 2: Come up with a clever name.

This may seem obvious, but a name is important to your server, and a better name will attract more players.

Most server names I've seen end with "PvP" or "Games" which personally, doesn't fit as a good name. I think that a short name like "Aspire" or "Saga" kinda works. Think of a name that rolls of the tounge and is easy to remember and fun to say. Even if it does end with "Games" or "PvP" and its catchy, it'll still be good.

Step 3: Come up with a cool concept.

This is the most important part of the batch. The main reason why people join servers is to have FUN! So keep that in mind while thinking of a cool concept

Here's a few server styles that you can try and aim for.

- Servers where you must dominate other players and climb up the leaderboard
- Servers where you must work with a team and eliminate other teams
- Servers where you must find loot and reach the end and complete quests
- Servers where you are all on a team and must defeat waves of monsters.

Originality is the most important part of a player server, try and think of something that CubedCraft has never seen before. Or, if you want to go outside the box, develop a completely new game style that's new to Minecraft!

If you can't think of anything good, here are some suggestions

- Turf Wars
- One In The Chamber
- PvE
- Zomberman
- Arcade

REMEMBER: CubedCraft doesn't get that many players, and the player capacity for a free server is 15. So don't design minigames that requires a lot of players!

Step 4: Build maps

Maps are the place you play games in, spawn in, hang out in, and basically are the core of any server. If you aren't a good builder, join the CubedCraft discord and look for one! Make sure to reward them in a way that satisfies them.

Some examples for payment are:

- Ingame Currency
- Free Donator Ranks
- Exclusive Items / Perks

Remember not to rush people who work for you, or you'll be alone.

Step 5: Develop your game.

This is probably the hardest part of making your server. Using Skript or Command blocks, create the game / games you were thinking about making! If you can't use command blocks or skript, hire someone else to do it! 

NOTICE: If you are hiring someone to develop a minigame for you, they are going to need massive permissions to your server. Command blocks require OP to use, and Skript requires access to the server console! So NEVER give this job to someone you don't trust!

Once you're finished, consult a staff member or a random player to beta-test the game and fix any bugs that may appear. If all is well, open your server!

If multiple minigames are going to be in your server, repeat steps 3 - 5 to make another minigame unil you are satisfied with the minigames on your player server.

And you're done! But you may not be done yet. Make sure to follow these tips to make your server not only IS good, but STAYS good.

- Give your players a reason to play your server. If your server has no purpose, and winning doesn't do anything, players won't keep returning to your server. Some examples to fix this would be to add Acheviments, Quests, Leaderboards, or currency to buy new things. But keep in mind, making gear that has an advantage against others won't make your server fun!

- Reward players for sticking around. If a player joins your server, they're commiting their time to enjoy all the work you've done. But may feel like a waste of time if they don't feel rewarded. So you need to set up reward systems. Give people virtual currency for winning or even playing minigames, put secrets in your lobby for people to find, or make acheviments for sticking around for certian periods of time.

- Don't make a player feel left out. If your minigame is original, people will probably have no idea on how to play it. So you need to include tutorials and guides on how to play games you make. Also, make sure that people who stick around longer don't have an unfair advantage against other players, or newbies won't bother sticking around.

- Make your fanbase have FUN! Fun is diffrent for everyone. So try and make multiple styles of gameplay on your server. Maybe make a factions game on one side and make PVP on the other! Also, people may be new to minecraft, so if a new player joins your server and decides to play against you at one of your minigames, go easy on them! As the maker, you know exactly what to do to win, and if the player gets aboslutley destroyed at a minigame, they might feel cheated and leave. Also, don't be toxic, at the end of each game say GG instead of L or ez

- Release updates or new games! Servers get boring after a while, especially minigame ones. People don't want to do the same thing over and over again. They want variety! So release new games, new perks, or new cosmetics every once and a while to keep your server fresh!

- Ban Hackers. This one is obvious. Hackers are annoying. Ban one if you see one, but remember, you need CLEAR EVIDENCE of the person hacking, and they will most likely deny the fact that their hacking, because they think that it will reduce their chance of getting banned. If you want to take it a step farther, record the person hacking and submit it to the CubedCraft report section so other people won't have to deal with this person!

- Hire Staff. Staff are important, they keep the members happy, they ban hackers, and they suggest ideas on how to make the server better. Staff members are usually trusted by players so make sure you pick out staff that don't abuse or lie. To pick a good staff member, host an application website, or give them an ingame one. Also, if you want to get good staff, set a playtime limit. A playtime limit is a restrictive thing that prevents players who haven't played for longer than the set amount from doing an action. Why do you need this? To prevent staff-hunters of course! Yes, there are people who won't stop jumping onto servers and begging for staff. These people mostly want to abuse, some my want to help, but to be on the safe side, don't trust anyone on your server who hasn't been on for longer than 30 minutes. This shows that they really care about your server and may be helpful

Well, that's about all I have to say about making a good player server. If you have any more tips for good player servers, leave them down below! I'd love to hear what the community has to offer! Anyways, I'm WaterFireCraft and this is my article on how to make a good player server! I hope this article will help you.

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First of all, I'm not a huge fan of the ranks. But I don't need them. Like I said above, the ranks don't do much. Sure bypassing the anti spam and /nick is cool and all, but its not really that much. And that's all there is. It doesn't even increase your player count or do ANYTHING to your player server. This can easily be fixed without any debt caused by making the ranks more appealing by adding more commands in the lobby and benefits to the player server. Even keeping the monthly would be fine if they need to make money. But like I said before, how is this going to affect the profit the staff make?

Also, I understand what the people said. If you pay attention to what I do for a living you'd know I'm a command block developer. And I even said that in the rant.
     "There aren't that many plugins to choose from that aren't restricted. I personally don't have a problem with this since you can recreate this with command blocks."

11 months ago
Hello, WaterFireCraft here again. And today, I have rather sad news... I'm considering on ditching CubedCraft due to several reason. I understand some of you will be shocked by this post, but I have some reasons why.

     Firsty, the community. The community is slowly becoming worse than its even been. GenPvP and Survival servers have taken over CubedCraft and nowhere near the amount of players those servers get is the amount I get even though I make an original server. Generator PvP servers are play to win, and take minutes to make while survival servers take litteraly no time at all, and have no purpose since you could just load up a singleplayer world if you wish to play survival.

     Secondly, the low player count. I understand that this isin't their fault, but it can easily be fixed if the community decides to shape up and the staff decide to add more games. Cubedcraft is a great server where you can make your own servers, but Minehut already did that. I personally don't have a problem with this, since minehut has higher restrictions then CC (You can have 15 players in a free server to minehuts' 10) but 50 - 100 players daily just isin't enough for me to commit several hours into a good server. Why bother if nobody is going to join it?

     Third, the store. I understand that you guys need to make money. But seriously... 10USD dollars for a rank that barley does anything? It only gives you a few extra commands. The only rank thats decent is VIP, but personally, I don't want to shell out 10 dollars (Yes Im canadian) per month just to get double the player slots and the fancy diamond icon. Its not worth it. I personally think they should add more benefits to the ranks and then maybe I would buy one and enjoy CC more, and lifetime ranks please. Not monthly
     Finally, the server issues. There aren't that many plugins to choose from that aren't restricted. I personally dont have a problem with this since you can recreate this with command blocks. Also, player slots. 15 isn't that bad. But its not the amount that bothers me. No, its the amount you can increase it by. All you can do is get VIP and double it. 30 isin't that much, and since CC doesn't get that many players in the first place. Why bother? I'm not saying you should lower the player count. Its not the staffs fault, its the community. They decide they'd rather spend their time on a GenPvP server or a SMP server then to actually join a server with fun minigames and originality.

     Well that concludes my rant on CC. If these don't get fixed soon, or at the very least get better. Bye bye CC
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Hello, its me again. Today I have something serious in mind today

So today, I was BANNED by Partydragen for 5 days for "Advertising"

However, I think this is a false ban. Please consider the following
  • Whats your In-Game Name
  • What you were punished for?
  • Have you ever been punished on CubedCraft before?
Yes, however it was only 2 little mutes
  • If the punishment was for hacks, and you really did have hacks, Have you removed them?
N/A (Wasnt banned for hax)
  • Why should we revert your punishment.
Honestly, I was just posting an IP in the chat VIA message because I wanted to invite some people from CubedCraft to play a map with me. I had to set up a free server using Aternos and I gave them the IP so they could play. I wasn't really trying to advertise a diffrent server so people would leave yours. 
  • How long was your punishment?
5 days
  • How long have you had the punishment?
2 hours, 36 minutes.
  • Do you admit to breaking the rules, or was it a false ban?
I think it was a false ban. There was no other way I could have gave them the IP since they dont have discord or skype (the only 2 social media programs I own)
  • Do you know who banned you, or their rank?
Partydragen banned me. Hes the owner

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