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Well, I'll ask you a few questions about your PS and maybe i'll figure it out

What is the name of your PlayerServer?
What is the PlayerServer about? (survival, genpvp, fortnite, skywars, bedwars, etc.)
Who has staff on your server? (this question is asked because staff could have done something that makes the server lag at random)
5 months ago
People are the masters of making your ban appeal forgotten. I feel kinda bad so i'll post here because I want someone else to notice this as well.
5 months ago
*hacks on XRun Hell and gets 50 points*

Honestly, 15 points seems just fine to me. 20 wouldn't work because second and third place will get 13.33333333 and 6.66666666. But I wouldn't mind an increase in points.

"And in different maps, you can make the person get more points if they beat a time."
You mean like, if someone defeats, i don't know, 22 seconds on grassland, they get, i don't know, 100 points? *hacks on XRun Grassland and gets 100 points*
People can also keep playing a map where they have an easy time getting points and farm points.

And yes, people DO hack on XRun to get good times (for anyone reading this not familiar with XRun's existence, like CubedCraft discord, it has no section for XRun or Creative), Labyrinth is a proof

In short, I wouldn't mind an increase in points after winning a game (considering how dead it is), but getting points for a good time doesn't seem like a good idea, because that will make XRun a farming points place, and hackers will hack.
5 months ago
And also, I need to bring this thread back to life if i ever want this suggestion to be added. I hope this doesn't count as "bumping".
6 months ago
Okay, so let me make this clear.
You're trying to get Americanshogun_ back online, and i'm going to point flaws in this post because they were way too easy to notice and it's kinda fun.

"7 maps that have hacked times." I know you're talking about XRun, but you need to be more clear about that.
"PartyNub and SamerNub always afk" Excuse me, i thought this is about Americanshogun_, not partydragen and samerton. this part doesn't belong.
"Partynub is always afk" You already said that just earlier. You're right, but still.
"Samernub never seen him online" wow nice grammar. Also, is Samerton afk or not online at all?
"americanshogun is idk" what, the title said he's inactive.

"PLz get americnashogun_ bak online"

yeah you obviously made this thread in a rush.

And you really need to specify why you need americNAshogun_ back online. But since I know you, i'll tell everyone why.
You need Americanshogun_ back online to get rid of the XRun hackers. Pretty simple.
But you made it pretty complicated, and this thread could have been much better. I can even make one right now!

Title: Please get Americanshogun_ back online

Hello! I need Americanshogun_ back online to get rid of XRun hackers that got hacked times and ruined the world records at XRun (which is pretty important, it's literally a whole minigame being hacked)
So please get him back online somehow.

Sorry for making such a long post to your thread, but it had a lot of flaws making it pretty much impossible to get the point.
6 months ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 159 97 19.497s
Sand 44 19 31.730s
Hell 79 26 79.271s
Labyrinth 59 32 41.102s
Grassland 67 22 20.680s
Techno 0 0 -
Snow 61 21 28.664s
Ores 66 29 30.124s
Palace 59 33 30.232s
MetalMachine 71 26 30.492s
Candyland 0 0 -
Western 80 26 46.256s
Granite 55 30 21.164s
Tower 15 10 19.842s