Noble 03kris03


5 months ago
Can my bithday gift be an unban? My BDay is November 10th
7 months ago
get dunked on n0b jk
8 months ago
Trial Mod (Skip mod) to admin


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 2 0 29.373s
Sand 0 0 -
Snow 1 0 97.123s
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 3
Kills 35
Deaths 40
Coins 233
Exp 452
Wool 4
K/D Ratio 0.88
Statistic Value
Wins 92
Kills 465
Deaths 504
Coins 1422
Exp 1484
K/D Ratio 0.92


Partydragen. Do not forget HTCS's previous history ;) and look HTCS changed. and so can everyone. you just gotta believe in em party

4 months ago
A question here, how is it my fault you're breaking our rules?
7 months ago
As Combat said, I also applied 3 times to make the result to Accepted. and yes your application was good. but there are some things in your history which are things we do not wanna risk. ask some of our other moderators says that they don't want their privet information out. 
7 months ago
Hello. As i know you can't really upload stuff to your player server as for security reasons. i will look into it and see if its possible and tell you right after :)

7 months ago
We do not give out free vip sorry. and we do not earn anything from moderating cubed. 

Have a nice day :)
7 months ago