Moderator ApexCandy


10 days ago
Apex you are nice but still a little unreasonable at some times.
23 days ago
can you check my ban apeal
about 1 month ago
What did I do wrong????????????????????????????????????????
about 1 month ago
So you want clear evidence of my reports?!?! You'll be getting clear-er reports soon!
2 months ago
Hey Apex! Thanks for responding to my application so early. I understand everything you said about it and what was wrong. Thanks, ThatGuyNinja.
3 months ago
Fantastic staff member!
3 months ago
Your comments aren't helpful, you advertised.
3 months ago
ApexCandy he need to get ip banned sef tho
3 months ago
u not ok i just give my ip to my friend lol wtf


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 5 0 24.905s
Sand 2 0 164.560s
Snow 1 0 72.401s
Ores 2 0 71.513s
Palace 2 0 71.906s
MetalMachine 2 0 48.180s
Statistic Value
Wins 29
Kills 218
Deaths 396
Coins 2312
Exp 5072
Wool 53
K/D Ratio 0.55
Statistic Value
Wins 582
Kills 4548
Deaths 1257
Coins 900
Exp 14562
K/D Ratio 3.62


Hello Disqualifiqd!

Unfortunately, If there is no solid evidence of them griefing your playerserver CubedCraft staff can't do anything.

Sincerely, ApexCandy
5 days ago
Hello Disqualifiqd!

On the pictures, we can't see Wqtpom griefing, if you have any evidence of him griefing your playerserver
CoreProtect log from inspect mode, server logs.
If you have any of the following mentioned things.
DM me on discord: ApexCandy#4482 

Sincerely, ApexCandy.
7 days ago
Hello The_TO! 

The purpose of the team selector perk for donators is when there is 2v2, 3v3 then you can choose the team that you would like to join.
Like nub14 said The rule "Unbalancing teams on purpose" is stated under Stats Manipulation, example there is 3v1 3 is the red team and you join them by using the donator perk which is not allowed to and it counts as "Unbalancing teams on purpose".
Staff needs to ask the player first to change teams.
If the player is ignoring staff or does change teams but second after the player sees that staff has left and that specific player decides to unbalance the teams on purpose then we warn them.
But in your situation, you didn't know about it and you got warned, which is wrong we should've asked you first before giving out a warning about it which is what we suppose to do.
I highly suggest checking the rules

Sincerely, ApexCandy. 
14 days ago
InvalidDuckKing necro-posting isn't allowed.

(Post Locked)
17 days ago
As Angry_Squid said.

 /msg is a way for members to contact each other without letting the public know.
But however limited to: we cannot allow any kind of threats,spam, attempt to IP leak, advertisements, also players can bypass the anti advertisements.
17 days ago