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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 1 0 29.862s
Sand 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 1 0 83.055s
Palace 1 0 47.401s
MetalMachine 1 0 72.255s
Statistic Value
Wins 23
Kills 138
Deaths 227
Coins 1136
Exp 3638
Wool 187
K/D Ratio 0.61
Statistic Value
Wins 376
Kills 3145
Deaths 1394
Coins 27908
Exp 8572
K/D Ratio 2.26


@zNotRetro Still not allowed.

For example, if a player uses hacked client against
another player who also use the hacked client to stop him from ruining the game.

Then is the player who tries to stop the other one legal? No.
Both of them will be punished in the example situation.
4 days ago
" I joined their team through auto and decided I would destroy their auto cannons."
- 29Derpy

This is against rule no matter why you do it.
6 days ago
"I think" -DreadLord_Eriss
Rules aren't about opinions.

Rules clearly doesn't say it's not allowed,
so he doesn't break any rules which he
shouldn't be punished for it.

EDIT: Any moderator who sees this please lock this post,
the report has turned into a conversation. The rules
clearly doesn't stop players from saying those kinds of thing,
the one who submitted this report should have read the rules
before submitting this.
8 days ago
Nothing wrong with saying that,
he didn't break any rules.
9 days ago
Those "EPIC" (name) plugins have lots of bugs. 
27 days ago