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7 months ago
I guess almost 2 years.
about 1 year ago
1year on forum proof by my 1st wall post..
about 1 year ago
"fifth wall post"
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about 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
"first wall post"


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 5
Kills 56
Deaths 72
Coins 390
Exp 774
Wool 11
K/D Ratio 0.78
Statistic Value
Wins 1
Kills 3
Deaths 24
Coins 12
Exp 8
K/D Ratio 0.13


If they started giving ranks by playtime.
It would destroy the purpose of selling ranks and if party got no money for the server cuebdcraft wil be closed.
Think about it.
Nowhere in this thread is said that users with top time played will get ranks.
You misunderstood the title, "Ranking system" simply means something like warzone levels, or just numbers, i.e., 'a leaderboard for top time played users should be displayed on the cubedcraft website'
2 months ago
or you could realise this thread is 2 months old!
4 months ago
Ohh double-posting on a necro-posted thread must be so fun
4 months ago
Skript does the same thing!

After looking at Deizen syntax, Skript does a much better job...

This is PlayerVaults in Deizen, just look at the disguisting YAML + weird condition syntax:
Deizen Code
    type: world 
        on server start: 
        - inject PlayerVault_Load_Config_Task 
        on reload scripts: 
        - inject PlayerVault_Load_Config_Task 
        on player closes inventory: 
        - if <context.inventory.replace>].starts_with[in@pvault].not||true> { 
            - queue clear 
        - define vault_id <context.inventory.after> 
        - define dvlist <context.inventory.list_contents> 
        - yaml set id:pvaultkey "<player.uuid>.<def>:<def>" 
        - yaml "savefile:data/pvault/pvaultkey.yml" "id:pvaultkey" 
        - define id "<player.uuid>pvault_<def>" 
        - note remove as:<def> 
    type: task 
    - if <server.has_file> { 
        - yaml create "id:pvaultkey" 
        - yaml "savefile:data/pvault/pvaultkey.yml" "id:pvaultkey" 
    else { 
        - yaml "load:data/pvault/pvaultkey.yml" "id:pvaultkey" 
    type: command 
    name: playervault 
    - vc 
    - pv 
    - pvs 
    - playervaults 
    - if <context.args.size> > 0 { 
        - define vault_id <context.args.get> 
    else { 
        - define vault_id 1 
    - if <player.has_permission>].global.not> { 
         - narrate "<&c>Sorry, no access to PV <def>" 
         - queue clear 
    - define lines 6 
    - define pvault <player.uuid>pvault_<def> 
    - define title "<&3>PV <&co> <def>" 
    - note "in@generic[title=<def>;size=<def>]" as:<def> 
    - define items <yaml>.<def>]||null> 
    - if <def> != null { 
        - inventory set d:in@<def> o:<def> 
    - inventory open d:in@<def> </def></def></def></def></def></yaml></def></def></def></def></def></player.uuid></def></player.has_permission></context.args.get></context.args.size></server.has_file></def></def></player.uuid></def></def></player.uuid></context.inventory.list_contents></context.inventory.after></context.inventory.replace>

Let's take a look at a simpler example, join and leave messages.
Deizen Join/Leave Messages
  type: world 

    on player joins: 
    - if <pl.has_played_before> { 
      - determine "<&7>+<&8><>" 
      } else { 
      - determine "<&7>+<&8>new: <>" 

    on player quit: 
    - determine "<&7>-<&8><>"</></></></pl.has_played_before>
Skript Join/Leave Messages
on first join:
    set join message to "&7+ &8new: %player%"

on join:
    set join message to "&7+&8%player%"

on quit:
    broadcast "&7-&8%player%"

Skript syntax is much more easier to understand and has a shorter learning curve. While I can't confirm if Skript or Deizen is better to use aside from syntax, I can tell that very less players on cubed know Skript, and even lesser are very good at it. Even if this plugin is added, only 0 or maybe 1 to 2 players would use it efficiently as Skript is already somehow difficult for players on cubed to learn.
about 1 year ago
or, some partydragen could come along telling you to disable command blocks from his great website panel ~~
about 1 year ago