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You can use this link right here:

Its basically like the skript version of unity's docs site. It has a list of all the conditions, events, and expressions.
For example, if you wanted to find the if statement for what world a player is in, just go to conditions and search up 'world'. You can click 'examples' on a result and it will give you even more information. It really helps out.
1 day ago
Probably because you're on a playerserver. Use the command in the Lobby.
5 days ago
I havent seen many people on Cubed wanting to host events (like Skeppy).
9 days ago
For the warp, you grab any item or block that you want to represent the warp. Hold it and type /menu script add /warp (warp) or /menu script add /warp (warp) @p.
Same thing with the kit. /menu script add /kit (kit) or /menu script add /kit (kit) @p.

I don't remember if you need the @p in the command scripted or the / in the command scripted.

After you get them to work, do /menu edit (whatever menu you created) and insert the scripted items in whatever slots you want. Then close it and open it with /menu open (name).
Make sure for Members they get the permission
9 days ago
So I was creating a world for Survival mode and my server crashed. I typed  /mvcreate Survival normal and this happens after the world is "loaded":

Connection Lost

[Proxy] Lost connection to the server.

I join back on Cubed and I have to start my server again. I join back on my server and the world is not loaded. I check the file manager and I see the folder for the world. Here is a comparison of the folder that was made of the world and a Water Drop world I created and made yesterday:
Survival - 24 bytes
Water Drop - 5.233 megabytes

When I join back on my server, it tells me to do /mvimport
Survival normal but when I do it the same thing happens and it fails to import.
I need to know how to fix this. I've tried different names and even flat world, but nothing works.

Version Info:
I'm playing in 1.14.4 on my 1.15.2 server.
I have a friend on there whose playing on 1.8
9 days ago



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