Royal Toy_Bonnie


8 months ago
Good Job! Hope to see you upgrading soon, I like seeing people happy with ranks etc,
8 months ago
My first time to purchase the Royal Rank! :O
over 2 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm just started to CubedCraft Website, I hope you enjoy CubeDcraft Server!


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 1 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 0
Kills 0
Deaths 0
Coins 0
Exp 0
Wool 0
K/D Ratio 0
Statistic Value
Wins 0
Kills 1
Deaths 7
Coins 10
Exp 2
K/D Ratio 0.14


Oh don't mind about this now! I found out how to do! :)
8 months ago
I successful created skript but..
It say like

(Just one blank)
"Cleared chat"

I thought it gonna clear all chat

Here my skript.

command /clearchat:
             permission: Clearchat.use
             permission message: &cNot permitted
             aliases: cc, clearc, cchat 
                          loop 100 times:
                          broadcast " "
                          wait 1 second
                          broadcast "Cleared Chat!"

That what I did
9 months ago
1 to 11! :O
Please promise do that because these are better and features!
By DreamTem

1. Favorite:
- You can /favorite <server> If you love it then you could /favorite

2. Version:
- You can change Version in "My PlayerServer" Menu, When you click Version then it will show like 1.8 or 1.9 or 2.0 what you want!

3. Settings:
- You can /settings!
- You can turn off when stranger player messages to you if you don't like it then turn off!
- Friend Settings can be in too!
- Language can be in too! (same as /language)

4. NPC Daily but just NPC:
- You can /daily or right click NPC
- Vote can be in NPC too
- Crates can be in NPC too
- {SEASON or Halloween and more} EVENT can be in NPC too

5. Crates
- You can /crates or right click Crates [Chest]
- Random Items. [Collectibles]
- You can add what you want for name Crates [Also you need put EVENT too like Halloween]

- You need build HALLOWEEN EVENT

7. In Game for idea
- Paintball

8. In PlayerServer with SKULL {ONLY}
- You need put like Whitelist: ON/OFF
- You need put like Version: 1.12.2
- If ViaBackwards/Protocolsupport then you can put like Version: ViaBackwards/Protocolsupport or Version: 1.8 and up (or Version: 1.9 and up)

- You need put sign like "TOP SERVER" then when you right click on sign then u will join to TOP SERVER

- Add protocolsupport - Spigot: Bukkit: : Protocolsupport can make 1.8 and up!
 - SimpleSit - : You can sit or lay also it can be in role-play
- ChatFeeling - : You can hugs or bite also it can be in role-play
- PerWorldChat - : You can't see another worlds CHAT
- Super Build Battle - : Try beat another players!
- ChatManager - : Can disable or Enable chat and slowmode and clearchat and more!
- VipHIDE - : YouTube and Vips can hide from anothers, Change username/disguise/nickname
- VoxelSniper - : VoxelSniper can make WorldEdit long ranger and might less crash!
- MyMenu - : You can create your own Menu without FORCE OP :D also It wont be editor plugins it only use /commands like when you start then it say Name? then you typed! ( YOU SHOULD GET THIS TO PLAYERSERVER WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY! NO MORE FORCE OP AND THIS PLUGINS IS VERY SPECIAL :D )

11. In PlayerServer control:
- Control alisases as /c - You can type SO Fast easily.
- Control can change to /cdc - /cdc known as CubeDCraft (IF YOU WANT!)
- Add Ban Player in control - You can Ban Player in control, If you don't like someone or someone hacker tried hacks your server then you use put Username in Ban Player then you need to press GREEN to reload {ONLY BANPLAYER RELOAD}</server>
over 2 years ago
Thank you @DarkyMinecraft, I'm so happy now! :D
over 2 years ago