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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 31 19 19.566s
Sand 14 12 30.965s
Snow 8 3 28.952s
Ores 6 5 31.104s
Palace 8 5 31.111s
MetalMachine 9 9 31.173s
19 14 74.780s
Statistic Value
Wins 20
Kills 260
Deaths 172
Coins 1778
Exp 4198
Wool 69
K/D Ratio 1.51
Statistic Value
Wins 11
Kills 6
Deaths 91
Coins 60
Exp 75
K/D Ratio 0.07


dammit, my post's gonna be ignored now!

the point still stands.
about 1 month ago
what if your Minecraft name was below your forums username, in order to not cause confusion?
about 1 month ago
hi everyone, a few things that i'd like people to try to argue about:

1: the report against (AmericanShogun, CamelinaBoat, CamInACan) besides the first screenshot is actually fairly recent (the 2nd to 7th screenshots were on the 7/18/2019), OmegaRobot.

2: In the first screenshot, MyNameIs12345 did not mention anything that led to CamelinaBoat saying stuff about a stat wipe on warzone. (also notice how MyNameIs12345 is called a "fuckin wanker", that's a REALLY mean insult, that is messed up, even if he was threatened to the extreme.)

3: Since we have 7 other screenshots of AmericanShogun and MyNameIs12345 (2nd to 8th), i'm gonna do a summary about them:
2nd Screenshot: CamelinaBoat threatens MyNameIs12345 to get banned longer than the already-existing 60 day ban, which I can explain how he got banned in the first place if you wanna ask me.
3rd Screenshot: MyNameIs12345 says it's not okay for CamelinaBoat to threaten, but CamelinaBoat says it's okay to threaten because it's a provoked threat.
4th Screenshot: MyNameIs12345 thinks that CamelinaBoat is not following the rules, but CamelinaBoat thinks that he's following the rules. I got a screenshot from MyNameIs12345 before posting this, and the full message was this: "but i do follow the rules you just dont understand. if i threaten someone with a punishment it is because they did something bad. how are staff able to punish anyone if we cannot threaten a punishment"
5th Screenshot: CamelinaBoat asks how he's breaking the rules while not playing CubedCraft, which doesn't make sense because a player can do bad things to another player, and pretty much everyone would agree the bad player should get banned for breaking the rules, which is what CamelinaBoat seems to be doing.
6th Screenshot: CamelinaBoat threatens MyNameIs12345 with a 100 day mute, which MyNameIs12345 says it's abuse and says he's not breaking any rules, and CamelinaBoat says he's disrespecting and arguing with a staff, which is messed up since the staff could be abusing and the player cannot argue againist it. Then CamelinaBoat says that MyNameIs12345's never wrong in his "tiny" mind and needs to grow the fuck up.
7th Screenshot: CamelinaBoat adds a warning to MyNameIs12345's history telling the staff to Perma-Mute him if he goes "full retard" again, and tells him to consider this a warn for the Direct Message conversation they had and tells him that the mods really don't like him.
8th Screenshot: This screenshot is taken on July 20th 2019. It involves CamelinaBoat threatening MyNameIs12345 to be banned again (for some reason), then MyNameIs12345 says that he did nothing wrong since he got unbanned by a staff, which was probably a mod, and CamelinaBoat told him that the mods don't like him.

Sorry for the long post, but there are a lot of things that need to be covered in here. I didn't even get to cover SirHyperNova, sadly. Anyway, i'd like to see your opinions on my arguments.
about 1 month ago
that's actually so obscure, but I tested it and it works. But, what if I want more than 1 broadcast message? 2, 3, 4, even 5, at random?
4 months ago
Survival was a very fun game. I used to play it a lot with my friends and we all had fun.
In my opinion, I think Survival should be brought back. Because it was very fun and way better than other servers. The chances of us getting griefed is very low.
First of all, It was a good way to pass time when no one was playing on any other games.
Second of all, me and my friends had alot of memories on that server. Some were really good and some were really bad. but most of them were good. I remember when we got our first Heart of the Sea and our first Conduct and felt so happy. It turned into a mini-competition on who can get the most Hearts of the Sea, but eventually it stopped.
I hope survival will be back, because I had a lot of fun on Survival. Most servers (I tried more than 5, 1 of them even kicked me a lot) have a really bad Survival, but CubedCraft had the best survival out of every server. I hope you will bring it back. It would mean a lot for me if it did come back.
4 months ago