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11 days ago
Hey. I got banned 60d from CubedCraft because of organised server griefing (mainly bedboxes and smp's). I hope you can also doing some management on InfiniteSky while I am away from Cubed. I hope to see you again in December (or earlier if they re-consider our ban lenghts). - Iron_Kevin <3
over 2 years ago

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1 day ago
Abuse & Grief Prevention Tool for PlayerServer Owners!

To report Abuse or Grief of a PlayerServer staff, use the link below! 




List release date: Nov 1st 2021 - Send in reports now! 




This is the Abuse & Grief Prevention project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. This project will be handled by me and some other trustworthy people to help prevent offending people from getting staffed at PlayerServers, whose owners have worked hours and even days on. 




The purpose of this group is to report players who abuse their staff rank or grief PlayerServers without any false gossiping biases. We, Abuse & Grief Prevention, want to make sure every PlayerServer owner knows the dangers of specific players' offenses. With this, PS Owners can easily prevent their server getting griefed and abused by the same players who griefed or abused in the past. 


We believe every PlayerServer Owner should know the background of each player before hiring. 


As you know, CubedCraft does not take action when someone abuses a PlayerServer.


How does it work? 


Players can report a PS staff in this link with decent proof of violation. The proof being sent has to be at least decent for that player to be added to the list. Screenshot or video will be required. 


If the proof checks out, we will add that offending player to the list. The list will be updated at least once a month, The list will include the IGN of the offending player with the reason why they’re on it. The link to the proof will also be included. 


PlayerServer owners enter the command /agp to ban every person on this list. 


What happens if I don’t send proof? 


Your report will be marked as “alleged” or declined. If we make this program without requiring proof, then every report would be biased, and some players may do everything to defame a player’s reputation on CubedCraft. If we require proof (which we do) there will be zero bias, and zero chance of player defamation. 


Disclaimer & extras: 


No rules of the CubedCraft forum are broken. This is prevented by the proof that was sent to us. A&GP will only add players to the list if good or decent proof is given. It is recommended that PS Owners check the list regularly. Players using ALTs will automatically be added if their main account happens to have violation offences previously recorded. 


Current Team on this project: 


Commodore640 (Project Owner, Top Management) 


Currently looking for people in this project: 

1x Director of Operation (Manages reports, Top Management) 


2x Scouters (Joins servers to seek abuse, Screenshot/record and sent to the Top Management Team) 


1 day ago
Can't post anything in this forum without it crashing

Every time I try to send something in this forum, the website crashed on me. 

Link below: 


8 days ago
Regarding The Rules

It would be great if they gave players a weeks notice so they wont have to ban yawl, but it's Party's server. 

21 days ago
Playerservers Competition

Is there an age minimum for those judge applicants? 

22 days ago
WealthGens questions

How do I upgrade my loot worth machines? 


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