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God IDuckz_


8 months ago
Bad or good duck?
about 1 year ago
suppppppppp its freappy
about 1 year ago
Hello, Cubedcraft, you may know me from discord, as I was trying to tell about my situation, I understand that you have certain plugins, that ban advertisers, but you have to know, that I only wanted to tell everyone on my server,, That my server is better that 2b2t, and I didn't mean to advertise, I tried connecting with another username on my computer, and then it banned me permanetently from my own server, you don't know hat this server meant to me, it was an experiment, to see, what would people do on an anarchy server. I can't o anything now, except online things on, please unban me, give me One more chnance, I will tell everyone on my server, to don't advertise. I didn't mean to advertise 2b2t, please, do you understand what I wanted to say? Ok,you can unban me, or not, it's your choice, my username is: Starfishcraft. Sincerely, Antoni Nabzdyk(Starfishcraft)
about 1 year ago
I eat ducks O_o
about 1 year ago
u are a banana, i will smack you now
about 1 year ago
Duck i dont understand how to skript. Can you help me?


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 9 5 21.197s
Sand 2 0 66.964s
Labyrinth 3 1 55.590s
Snow 1 0 30.560s
Ores 3 2 34.422s
Palace 2 0 38.331s
MetalMachine 1 0 -
Granite 1 0 24.950s
Tower 2 0 21.451s
1 0 156.467s
Statistic Value
Wins 1427
Kills 13577
Deaths 7105
Coins 16935
Exp 251461
Wool 5545
K/D Ratio 1.91
Statistic Value
Wins 51
Kills 153
Deaths 135
Coins 4080
Exp 612
K/D Ratio 1.13

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