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Royal iiFinals


6 months ago
I've heard of people who make others toxic freaks...
7 months ago
Your content sucks :)
8 months ago
I find iiFinals a strange player.
8 months ago
I find iiFinals a strange player.
8 months ago
Hey can u help me?
about 1 year ago
May you please go into his information!
about 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
Hello wanna follow me ik your cool!

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5 days ago
The iiFinals Situation




I understand your frustration URL_, however through the forums is not the way to deal with the situation at hand. The best way is opening a ticket, or DMing a Moderator (my suggestions are PondWader or GellyZ as they have helped me before). I am sure they will do something to deal with the situation, so people don't think that the community are "pedos" or "predators".


~ WhenUHackUNoob


5 days ago
CubedCraft's Discord Server. (Don't join it)


With all the respect I can give iiFinals, I believe this statement is hugely incorrect. I think if you take the time to improve your behaviour, things can get better for you. 

Why would I? Sometimes I have to protect my sanity and stand up for myself.

5 days ago
CubedCraft's Discord Server. (Don't join it)



I feel like not a lot of the talk in the CubedCraft discord is bullying other people, and is mostly just friendly banter. The discord is a pretty nice place to be in actuality.


I don't think it is. Someone named "s1aughtered" dm'd me back in may showing me an image of a guy stuck in the ground with everyone laughing. Personally I don't think this is funny.

5 days ago
The iiFinals Situation


I have seen the post about iiFinals saying that the discord server is very toxicated and bullys people but the bully part is kinda wrong the toxicated part is true and i think adults on there [staff member thats adults is alr[ should not do any of this shit which includes [cussing to people that are younger than 13+ and bullying] i understand that Youtube is 13+ too but picture that elisocray makes disgusting videos after making kid friendly videos, That's kinda what are they doing they could had used their parents accounts

Like i have been bullied alot recently [iOussama_, Doof_YT, Drew_wipf1, and other] i think we have to keep bullying in minecraft than discord cuz that may cause [child endangerment, letting kids say graphic stuff from discord they dont know about]

I am not saying i am on iiFinals's side but i kinda am for this situation cuz i get bullied by 13-20 year olds the past 2 years and i was like fuck this server everyone bullys me but i decided to stay,

Please do not cuss in discord because this may cause childs to not know these words and say it in front of their parents 

I understand i cuss alot in minecraft but in discord their like 20-30 year olds [25%[ of them and its gonna be weird

2 things before this ends

Please do not make the CubedCraft Discord and/or CubedCraft Minecraft Server really toxicated and bully alot of players that could lead to suicide and/or self harm [which has nearly happened to me a couple times]

and do not be pedos or predators

Another thing to add:

iqty_ claims he's 14 but some of the stuff he said was kind of telling me he was older.

5 days ago
CubedCraft's Discord Server. (Don't join it)


90% of the "bullying" you were facing was because of YOUR actions. Example is you suggesting a media channel where you can promote your youtube channel. This is one of the dumbest suggestions I have ever seen, CubedCraft is not a server where you should promote your own channel/business, it's a Minecraft server for you to enjoy unless you literally do dumb stuff to get you into trouble which will then cause you to get "bullied".

You creating this post will only cause hate about yourself, the topic and the text you wrote doesn't even match. Topic: Why no one should join the Discord. Ur text: What happened while I was there. Also the reason people celebrated was because we were done with your bullshit and just wanted you gone so we could get peace in the server.

If you would have stayed away from the people that were "bullying" or "harassing" you, this wouldn't have happened.

The moral of my comment is, this post shouldn't have been made, it's just about you and YOUR actions.

Well, a few players like iqty_ and MagicPotatoooo use the l word and i think that word is a really suggestive one. Honestly I don't think that L word should be allowed, even though it comes from japanese cartoons.


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