outdated plugins

MiniRascal MiniRascal: about 1 month ago
like bro just update them


PondWader PondWader: about 1 month ago
Updating plugins can take time, as they need to be checked to not have security vulnerabilities. And there are a lot of them as well.
A better way to go about this would be to say which plugins you'd like updated and why you need them updated.
Iron_Kevin Iron_Kevin: about 1 month ago
I support this petition. Its better to check some plugins to have security issues, then having a server with a lot of outdated plugins in my opinion. Like DiscordSRV is not really working right sometimes as I have heard from some players on Cubedcraft.
MiniRascal MiniRascal: about 1 month ago
skript addons and skript itself pls