TNTWars Update ideas

Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: 9 months ago

Ok this could be added on to by anyone willing to take the time into making revisions.

add TNTWars practice mode/server to where you can practice with friends.

add TNTWars duels so you can see who is better at tntwars.

add more items into TNTWars like cobwebs because cobwebs can stack tnt if used properly you can make cool cannons.

add a option for cannoneers and above to add cannon ideas to the shop.

add a speed build practice mode to help build cannons faster.

add a rank team balancer than balances teams by ranks because if a team is full of pros and the other is full of noobs it will make the noobs wanna quit.

add custom features like custom tnt types and custom game mechanics to make the game more interesting.

add a cannon ranking game to rank the best cannon designs by damage, range, and effectiveness.

add custom scoreboards for players so they can change the scoreboard color and what it displays.

add a staff team to TNTWars that can help moderate the game for auto cannons and lag machines.

fix the problem with TNTWars kicking players from too much tnt loaded in.

add back leaderboards.

add more TNTWars gamemodes like missilewars.

Patreon votes get their votes priority


InstantWinGaming InstantWinGaming: 9 months ago

this would be cool (thing is i dont play tnt wars)

Pikachu1p Pikachu1p: 9 months ago

I know I have mentioned this before but i want a decreased limit on tnt having cannons blow up because lag very irritating I mean i get why you want to have a limit so people dont make insanely huge cannons i dont want limit removed i just think it should be double what it is. Im tired of having too many cannons on 1 side causing any cannon you make to break

Pikachu1p Pikachu1p: 9 months ago

I think the modes mentioned in this sound good especially a practice/testing gamemode

Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 9 months ago

Apex once asked me to make a lot of tntwars cannons for the shop, currently none added

Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: 9 months ago

another update could be to give players unlimited blocks like the water bucket update that was added

Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 9 months ago

> decreased limit on tnt having cannons blow up
This isn't going to happen. There is no point in making a cannon that fires 600 tnt apart from just lag out the server. So the limit is fine

> Practice gamemode
I know this is widely requested but practically this isn't something that is likely going to happen anytime soon. There are just too many logistical issues that come with that

> add a option for cannoneers and above to add cannon ideas to the shop.
That's just not happening.

> Cobwebs
The only reason this is used is to either stack tnt or sand. Stacking sand is completely pointless and stacking tnt is not even a practical thing to do within the game. Apart from that its just going to be used to troll the hell out of people and cause annoyance

> custom features (like custom tnt)
This does actually sound like a proper idea. Perhaps in a future update?

> custom scoreboards
Again practically not something possible. If you want a custom scoreboard you can just use a client side modification for it?

> add back leaderboard
I really want this too! But sadly the plugin (leaderheads) is not compatible with 1.12.2 anymore but we require an updated version since our mysql version updated. So the old leaderheads plugin is not compatible anymore

> rank team balancer
This won't really work practically. Two super high level people against 10 lower levels won't change much. Its actually good to have low levels mixed with higher levels.

> tntwars duels
Again practically not possible

I think I addressed most requested features now

Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 9 months ago

I can think of a handful of ways duals and practice can be feasible option

Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 9 months ago

All of my ideas include needing a separate server for each match

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